How to fix Server Error in ‘yourApp’ Application

We get asked about this so much it deserves to be shown here. This error doesn’t mean a lot except that your site is broken. That’s not much help to you figuring out why its broken.

The error page does actually tell you exactly what you need to do to proceed, but for some reason, people don’t read it or think that they should not follow these directions. I remember the first time I ran into this error, and I didn’t follow the directions, so you aren’t alone if that describes you..
Server Error in ‘yourApp’ Application
Step 1:

* Open the web.config file of your application.
* Find ‘customErrors mode=”RemoteOnly” ‘.

Step 2:

Replace “RemoteOnly” with “Off”.
*** It is very important that you use capital “O” and lower case “ff”, as the web.config file is case sensitive, and if you get that wrong, you will continue to get the same error, even if you managed to fix the original error.
Step 3:

Run your application again, and you should now see a different error with the stack trace. This is the same way you would see the error if it was running on your own computer.