HP Procurve Fan and Temps Sensors


  1. Create a new SNMP Custom Advanced Sensor on the device
  2. Configure the channels like in the below table:
Name OID Value Type Unit / Lookup
CPU Load Gauge CPU
Free Memory Gauge Bytes Memory
Fan State Gauge prtg.customlookup.hp.procurve
Primary Power Supply State Gauge prtg.customlookup.hp.procurve
Secondary Power Supply State Gauge prtg.customlookup.hp.procurve
Temperature State Gauge prtg.customlookup.hp.procurve
Average Temperature Gauge Temperature

You’re done! Apply some limits to the CPU Load / Memory channel. It should look something like in the screenshot.

OID List

Parameter Name Description The current CPU load in percent (integer) Free Memory in bytes Current Fan State Primary Power Supply State Secondary Power Supply State Current Temperature State The average system temperature

State Table

State Description
1 Invalid Value
3 Bad
3 Warning
4 Good
5 Not Present