SNMP Stuff

> Is there a MIB to get the ARP table of a router?  Should be one I would
> think but can't find it.

Yes, will
do what you want.

That works but the mib entry is depricated.  The entry they want
you to use instead is:

Directory: ~ip/ipNetToMediaTable/ipNetToMediaEntry/ipNetToMediaPhysAddress

The "at" entry was put in the MIB with the implicit assumption
that no protocol other than IP would ever use ARP.  That's why
something different was needed.

Where $router is the IP address or name of the router,
	$comname is the community string (often public)
	and $querytype is

    snmpwalk $router $comname $querytype


   snmpwalk "public"

supports both.  Other router vendors do not.