Some useful commands in using the screen utility for linux.

TIP Using screen – Gentoo Linux Wiki:
Where C = Ctrl Key
Where C-a = Ctrl Key + a

C-a ‘ Show list of terminals managed by Screen; Here: only one
Esc Close the list window
C-a c Create a new terminal window
C-a ‘ The list of terminals now shows two entries
Esc Close the list window
ls show the directory contents in this window
C-a p return to the previous, first window
C-a c Create another window
C-a S Split the term vertically into two regions
C-a X Kill the current region
C-a Focus the newly created region
C-a – Resize this region and make it 3 lines smaller
C-a 1 Show the first window in this region
C-a Move the focus back to the upper region
C-a d Detach the Screen session
open a xterm
screen -DR login again and make Screen re-attach (R) to the first session found, after detaching (D) the session first, if necessary (which it wasn’t)”