This is a demo page showing how the WordPress Paypal shopping cart plugin is used in conjunction with the NextGen Gallery to create an online store for digital photos. Hit the ‘Add to Cart’ button to see how the shopping cart looks on the sidebar.

When you add an item to the cart the shopping cart will be shown below this line.

Please note that the secure delivery of the digital images after purchase is only available in the WordPress eStore Plugin and to know how to do this please watch the video tutorial on How to Turn Your WordPress Site into a Digital Photo Store and Sell Photos Securely.

How to Integrate NextGen Gallery and WordPress Paypal Shopping Cart Plugins

What Plugins do you need?

You will need the WordPress Paypal shopping cart v1.6 or above and NextGen Gallary Plugins. This guide assumes that you have used NextGen Gallery Plugin and know how to use it. If you don’t know how to use NextGen Gallery then I suggest you read the ‘Readme.txt’ file that comes with the NexGen Gallery plugin or try the NextGen Gallery forum

What NextGen Gallery Modification is needed?

We are going to use a custom template file for the NextGen gallery to display the shop:

  1. Download the WP eStore template file for NextGen Gallery from here.
  2. Unzip and upload the ‘gallery-wp-eStore.php’ file to the ‘view’ folder of the NextGen gallery plugin directory (nextgen-gallery/view/gallery-wp-eStore.php).

Displaying the Gallery

Use the following tag to display the Gallery in a post or page.


Given the gallery id is 1. Using the ‘template=wp-eStore’ option will show captions underneath each thumbnail image where you can display the ‘Add to Cart’ button and a little bit of other details/description of the image.

Adding the ‘Add to Cart’ Buttons below the Image Thumbnails

1. Go to ‘Manage Gallery’ from the NextGen Gallery settings menu and choose the Gallery that you want to turn into a shop. 2. Now in the ‘Alt & Title Text / Description’ field of every image enter the Image details (name, price etc) and the trigger text for the ‘Add to Cart’ button of that image. It should look similar to the following example:


“<br />” is a HTML code to insert a line break so the name, price and the button doesn’t come in one line.

3. Do the same for all the images in the gallery.

4. Save the Changes to the Gallery and Now your Gallery will look similar to the demo shown at the start of this Page.

What Happens When You Upgrade the NextGen Gallery Plugin?

After you upgrade the NextGen Gallery, you need to put the WP eStore Template file back in the ‘view’ directory (nextgen-gallery/view) and all done.

This is because, when upgrading, WordPress completely deletes the folder of the plugin that is being upgraded then downloads the new version. So the previously uploaded WP eStore template file gets deleted in the process.

Visit the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin page to download the plugin or to leave comment.

You can also visit the post on How to Turn Your WordPress Site into a Digital Photo Store and Sell Photos Securely for more information.

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